Donegal Bay Film Festival

Film | Scannán
Live Event
Tuesday 3rd October - Thursday 5th October
Eclipse Cinemas
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Donegal Bay Film Festival

Tuesday, October 3

Wednesday’s Child, Laura O’Shea and Caroline Harvey. Northern Chirish, Diana Cheung. Otherland, Alice Ward.

Wednesday, October 4

Chaos and Quiet, Fiacra Ó Longáin and Seán Coyle. Daoine na Mara, Giles Carey.  Bean Feasa, Daniel Butler. I Know You, Colm Herron.

Thursday, October 5

Border Trail, Darach MacDonald and John O’Neill. Q&A, hosted by writer, Frank Galligan.


In Wednesday’s Child Maire is optimistic on her first day as a Social Care worker, but a house call to a family in crisis quickly brings her back to earth.

Northern Chirish explores the experiences of four young Chinese creatives living and working in Northern Ireland.

Australian surfer Vittoria Farmer arrives in Donegal at the onset of winter, in Otherland.

In Chaos and Quiet, boxer Tyrone McCullough strives for glory, whilst his father Vin relates his own troubles with family life and mental health.

Daoine na Mara explores the ways in which the surfers of the West of Ireland live and experience the ocean.

In Bean Feasa, the sceptical daughter of a traditional healer has her certainties challenged when she encounters an Otherworldly figure.

I Know You follows Gerard as he returns to Northern Ireland on hearing his brother has had a stroke.

Border Trail explores the experiences of communities on both sides of the Border and the legacy of a century of Partition.

More Info:

As well as being a noted musician, writer, academic and producer in his own right, Marc Gegan devoted much of his considerable energy and imagination to the creation of platforms and opportunities for other artists to share their work with the public, the Donegal Bay Film Festival event curated by Marc being a typical case in point. Marc has made an enormous contribution to the cultural life of his native county and will be sorely missed by all who knew him and were touched by his talents and generosity of spirit.  Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

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